Welcome to my blog lovely visitor, I hope you enjoy your stay. I'd like to point out that I'm neither a hedge or a bear, although my friends often call me that (Bear not hedge, even my friends aren't that weird).

Even though I've been practicing as a Pagan for pretty much as long as I can remember I'm still learning so feel free to get in touch with your criticisms, advice or whatever happens to be on your mind!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

I've been very tired recently, too tired to do very much writing or blogging. I've needed to take some time to rest and sort myself out (yes I know, sort myself out again). But I'm almost there now and I should be back properly soon.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Apologies for the long silence, things have been hectic! For one thing, I'm now editing and writing at the relaunched Pagan Friends Webzine. There have also been some (more) personal issues I needed to deal with.

I'll pop up some more images and posts soon, promise (provided I don't forget!)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I'm feeling a bit out of place today, as if I'm being misinterpreted by the people around me and they've come to some odd conclusions which just don't fit with who I am. Last night, I dreamed that I'd found out some huge and wonderful truth and that I tried to share it, but all that happened was that people patted me on the head and muttered various uninterested mutterings.

Nobody understands me, the little girl tells the storm. The storm weeps it's reply... Perhaps what I have to share doesn't deserve the attention it isn't getting, if you see what I mean.

Excuse me whilst I slink off into a corner with my knowledge. You can't has it, I refuse to share! heehee

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

After a little bit of thought, I've decided to keep this blog going as a light-hearted place and set up another for my more in-depth ramblings. Yes, I know I barely manage to update this one but I have a fair amount of deep and meaningful thoughts which I worry would be too heavy going. This way, anyone interested in the odd and complicated contents of my head (including that weird squishy bit which bleeds when you prod it) can nose around to their hearts content and this space can be kept for the more 'everyday'.

So feel free to pop into my other blog, The Liminal Tourist. There may not be any tea and cakes but who knows, there might be something useful or interesting hidden away in my head...

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Penarth Beach, South Wales 2011

The kiss of the sea on the sand of the shore
Or the breath of the wind through my hair
Are the touch of the fingers of maiden or whore
And the memories she shared with me there.

The lap of the tides as they stoke at my toes
And the curl of the crest of the wave
Are the whispers of secrets which nobody knows
And the memories my sweet mistress gave.

The beach is a liminal space, a joining-place between the sea, the land and the sky. It is changeable and shifting, constantly in flux. The beach is a threshold, belonging to all places and yet not truly part of any of them. Like the ancient hedge to which the term 'hedgewitch' refers, the crossroads or mountaintops, it is a place of uncertainty and indecision. For some people, that uncertainty is too much. Like the coming of a storm, it sends them running for cover. Others let it wash over them, lapping like the waves on the shore.

Waking Up Inside

Apologies for the long silence, the start of the year has been a busy time. I seem to be going through phases of positivity and negativity and neither phase has felt like the right time to be blogging.

On Wednesday, I went on a trip to Glastonbury to have a wander around the shops with some friends. For some reason, despite the amount of overpriced fluff on sale, it seems to have re-awoken my need to connect with older things, the more... instinctive side of what I used to do. So thats what I'm planning to do. This is going to mean some excursions into forests, along coastlines and so on to collect up 'tools' I've long since lost, broken or forgotten. It also means I'll be hoping we get a decent storm sometime in the near future.

This may affect what I end up putting in this blog, but I hope you'll bear with me (no pun intended). If I get too serious, someone poke me with something...

It feels a little bit like I've just finished waking up again. Good morning world, the Hedgebear is up and ready.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Since yesterday afternoon, I've been feeling really full of positive energy and I'm taking advantage of it; I've made a good start on my writing and a few other projects.

I've also finally made a more solid connection with my new tarot card pack after doing a reading for a friend a few days ago. It took long enough!